Digby Dragon

2015 - 2016
Lighting, Rendering and Compositing
Maya, Nuke, Arnold, Redshift

Broadcasted on Nickelodeon Jr.

Digby Dragon is one of Blue-Zoo's leading animation series based on the original designs by Sally Hunter.
Set in the colourful and enchanted Applecross Wood, the show follows Digby and his friends in their adventures.

My role in Digby Dragon was in lighting, rendering and compositing, where I was part of the post-production team for the duration of the complete series. Rendered using Maya and composited in Nuke, this project also utilised two render engines to come to fruition; Arnold to render characters and Redshift to render environments with GPU rendering. This provided the unique challenge of keeping lighting and compositing consistent across both rendering engines while maintaining a high visual quality across the show.